December, 2018.

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On December 09, 2018,
HYDROMANIA was born.

This was the first retail experience by Danielle KARLIKOFF - an atmospheric reflection of her work to date. Each element of the store was directed and designed by DK along with a team of close collaborators: from the furniture to the scent, food and sounds. Over 100 wearable pieces were presented, not to mention a tote and zine as memorable souveneirs of this multi-sensory affair.

The result was a retail experience like no other. An experiential buffet for the senses, an artwork of atmosphere in itself. Although the pop-up lasted for just one day, you can listen to the theme song created by close collaborator PRINCI here.

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Team Hydro
Director, Danielle KARLIKOFF

Assistant, Ash Bell

Graphics, Nicola Wilson

Scent and Water Drop Dessert, Rohan Willard

Soundtrack and Chocolates, PRINCI

Costume Designer, Angel Robertson

Security, Kel Henderson

Retail Finesse, Nelly Chan

Photography, Hyun Lee

Space, USFIN Atelier

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