DK often works on projects which translate ideas of jewellery off the body.  
Beyond the function of symbolic adornment, DK views making jewellery as a means to experiment with a broader range of techniques, materials and functions.  If you would like to get in touch about commissioning a project, contact DK.
“Eggggggy Vase”, 2017. Photographed by Anna Pogosova. Egggggggy celebrates the egg as the ultimate jewel of life. A sculpture to exalt this iconic symbol in its multiple edible forms; whole, cracked, boiled, fried.  View More
“Pearl-Curtains”, 2020. Available for purchase here
“Hydromania”, 2018.  An atmospheric reflection of her work to date. Each element of the store was directed and designed by DK along with a team of close collaborators. View More
“Magical Vomit Creatures”, 2019. DK presents 50m with an exclusive collection of 7 wearables. These jewels of supernatural regurgitation are designed to be attached to bags, zippers, belt loops and more. View More
“Life soup”, 2020. A jewellery installation presented at Munich Jewellery Week. This was a group exhibition featuring the work of 12 international artists. Poster by Marguerite Bones. View More
"Slicing Shadows", 2020. Music video for PRINCI. Watch Now
Online workshop, 2020, focusing on wax sculpting and image making techniques. Presented by 92Y as part of the Uncut Gems exhibition curated by Current Obsession. View More
Collaboration of custom fastenings for Matty Bovan’s Autumn 2020 collection. View More