Danielle “DK” Karlikoff is a multi disciplinary designer specialising in custom jewellery. 
Born in Australia with Russian-Korean heritage, DK’s cultural identity has helped shape her multi-faceted approach to design. Regardless of medium, her work is fundamentally hybrid, a multiplicity which she often expresses through contradictory forms and materials.

In her custom jewellery practice, DK provides a refreshing perspective of “fine jewellery”. She takes traditional, hand-made techniques featuring precious metals and stones and infuses them with industrial production methods and discarded materials through her distinct tactile language. 

DK also considers the visual representation of each unique jewellery piece as an important part of its lifecycle. She therefore creates corresponding visual experiences for each piece relying on her background in graphic design, photography, and film production.
Outside of jewellery, DK creates experiences as varied as music videos and events. Regardless of medium, she simultaneously interrogates and embraces the semiotics of luxury goods production and representation. A child of the 90s, she likes to critique the psychology of luxury consumerism which has informed the tropes of success, wealth and health in which she inescapably participates while proposing future concepts of luxury consumerism.

DK is currently based in her hometown of Sydney and is taking part in the Gem Z programme by Current Obsession; a contemporary jewellery magazine and platform based in Amsterdam.